22nd Annual General Meeting

For LIAS Members

LIAS’s council term is coming to an end and we will be holding elections for a new council at this AGM.

Please mark your calendars and we look forward to seeing you there.

20 July 2023   |   3pm – 6pm

9 Jurong Town Hall Rd

Trade Association Hub Room T1C


Green Thumbs 2023

We are thrilled to have Minister Desmond Lee host our Green Thumbs 2023, organized by LIAS and NParks. Minister Lee gave an inspiring opening speech and toured the exhibition booths.
Attendees had the opportunity to showcase their innovations and solutions related to landscape. IHL competitors showcase cutting-edge research in Landscape Solutions. A plant display competition allowed participants to showcase different types of plants and their benefits. Tree planting activity provided a hands-on demonstration of the importance of reforestation and the benefits of trees for the environment pursuing the 1 million tree mission.
We are grateful for everyone's participation and commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness.